Ford F150 Performance Upgrades


Cold air intakes are placed near the engine to provide it fresh air and to aid the radiator in cooling down the engine. The F150 shop offers the best replacement cold air intakes for your Ford F150 pickup at a substantial discount to their MSRP. We offer OEM quality cold air intakes from reputed manufacturers including K&N Filter, Injen, Advanced Flow Engineering, Volant, Airaid and AEM. Cold air intakes provide fresh air to the engine and also maintain the recommended air/fuel ratio. They do this by taking feedback from the accelerator and adjusting the air intake depending on the extent of acceleration. A continuous supply of the correct quantity of air improves combustion efficiency, increases the engine power and enhances its fuel efficiency. The cold air intake systems offered on our website comprise of the best quality 100% pre-tested mass flow sensors to measure and control flow of the air, air filters and throttle bodies, designed to offer superior power, torque, fuel efficiency and driving comfort. They are guaranteed for fitment and quality and are accompanied with all the required accessories for a standard installation:


The Ford 150 electronic tuning systems work by altering the signal between its Engine Control Unit software and the fuel injection system, giving you the freedom to boost torque and power on demand. A good electronic tuning module offers superior driving comfort, acceleration ease and fuel efficiency. By installing the electronic tuning modules on offer on the F150 shop, you need not remap the entire ECU to get that extra juice from your Ford F150. Engine remapping is a costly and complicated affair while an electronic tuning box can be installed within minutes. Engine remapping can void the manufacturer’s warranty but the latter maintains vehicle warranties intact. Our electronic tuning systems are designed to bypass ECU encryptions. We guarantee complete satisfaction with our team of experts on standby, ready to help you in the selection of the right electronic tuning module at substantial discounts to their MSRP. For the best makes (Banks Power, K&N Filter, Advanced Flow Engineering) of electronic tuning modules which are 100% tested for quality and reliability, do order now from our online store or give us a call.